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Art sessions to enrich, educate and energise;
to release your creativity and unleash YOUR POWER.
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The Art Avengers mission is to bring the joy of arting to as many people as possible.


We want to help people to create their power through working in a range of ways in a non-judgemental environment that is educational and therapeutic but most of all enjoyable.

The Arting Colour Circle shows how colours relate to each other and visually demonstrates the relationship between the different groups.


We have used this theory to organise our art sessions into four distinct areas which show how you can access our services in different ways and how art can be a fun yet meaningful experience whoever and wherever you are.


Community is the area where you will find our art classes for all ages and abilities, details about school workshops and information about how we can energise your special event.


Celebration has all you need to know about how you can include an art session into any get together or party including birthdays, weddings and those 'we need a catch up’ socials.


Care is all about providing engaging and enjoyable activities for those in a residential setting which can be regular or just a one-off plus our very special 'together time’ session.


Corporate is all things business and is where you can find out about strengthening and building your workplace team or even commissioning bespoke art!


So, choose how, where and who then get in touch.

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We offer art sessions to enrich, educate and energise; to release your creativity and unleash your power.

For further information on our events, workshops and other activities, please get in touch with the Arting team!

07878 839401

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