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Workforce Wellbeing

  • Can you and your personnel benefit from time spent focusing on health and wellbeing?

  • Would you like a happier, calmer and more settled workforce who feel valued and supported?

  • Do you need your team ready to move forwards with confidence to the next phase of your business development?

Then maybe it's time to try our course!

We offer a ten session course which covers a range of topics explored through art-based tasks. Each session covers a different area and activity and will help your staff consider their wellbeing and how it impacts on their life and work. The course is designed to help people gain an insight into their mental health and to focus on achieving balance and perspective moving forwards. The course takes place in the workplace and can be completed before or after work or at breaks in the daytime. It is suitable for between 8-12 people and the prices includes all resources.


PRICES: £180 per person

Creating Connections

  • Would you like your workforce to be rewarded for their loyalty and hard work?

  • Is having an energised and creative team important to you?

  • Do you think your personnel would benefit from a fun, group activity to help them bond and integrate?

Then this is the way to go...


We offer structured art activities which are designed to help your team connect and bond together. They will share experiences and materials to create art work and come together to overcome creative challenges which will help them to do the same in the workplace. The sessions are held in your workplace creating a positive energy and are suitable for 12-36 people. The full day course takes 6 hours in total including breaks or this can be split down into two sessions of 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours to be completed in a morning or afternoon. The group task can be  acrylic canvas painting or printing.

Or you could try our POWER HOUR where we complete an art workshop in 60 minutes! Great for energising a group of staff at anytime of day. All materials and staffing are included.

Option A: 6 hours (full day) – £72pp
Option B: 3.5 hours – £42pp
Option C: 2.5 hours – £30pp

Option D: 1hour-£12pp

Workforce Wellbeing
Creating Connections

Business Commissions

  • Are you thinking about purchasing a piece of bespoke art for your premises or for a valued client?

  • Is there a special event or anniversary coming up which could be commemorated with a one-off piece of art?

  • Have you always wanted a statement piece to showcase your business’ heritage, vision and success?

Then don't hesitate because we are ready to help…

We offer a service which will work with you to plan and create one-off art pieces, whether it is hand printed Christmas cards, a meaningful client gift or a huge office wall mural we can turn your ideas into a design and bring them to life. Just tell us your thoughts and we take it from there. Prices dependent upon size, materials, artist, preparation time and installation.

Business Commissions
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