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The Full Story

Back in the 1960’s in a faraway town called Birkenhead a legend was born…she was the creative type and lived for the weekly art classes but generally found school a bit of a drag (she got an A for attitude though). She did some cool teen stuff: punk mohair school jumper, turquoise hair and Bowie gig in Rotterdam then went to study art for three years: quitting to work, play and travel.

She slummed around Europe’s beaches, waitressed, rode a camel in Cairo and an elephant in Bangkok, she pulled pints and navigated the Moscow Metro. She cleaned hotel rooms, clubbed in New York, frothed coffees, sailed under Niagara Falls and saw lions in Kenya and a yeti in Nepal (ok that last one is a lie: I didn’t see a yeti only a few monkeys). In fact, she spent the next forty years on work, play and travel whilst running businesses, getting married and having two wonderful daughters.

During this time she moved to Hull and it captured her heart. Eventually she completed a degree in Social Behaviour and trained to be a secondary school art teacher but as her old Dad always says you’ve got to “keep on the move”.

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definition of 'arting'

verb /ɑː(r)ting/


'the action or skill of using art to become more powerful'


So that’s the backstory… I decided I wanted a change of pace and focus but still wanted to teach art (minus the marking and meetings) and so Arting was born. During my teaching decade I have seen how art can transform the lives of young people giving them belief and new ways to express themselves, I have added art therapy to my portfolio of knowledge and now I am ready to share my ethos with a wider audience.

My mission is to bring the joy of arting to as many people as I can aided and abetted by my fellow Art Avengers. We want to help people to create their power through working in a range of ways in a non-judgemental environment that is educational and therapeutic but most of all enjoyable.

The Arting sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and designed to help you realise your potential. You can learn interesting stuff, make new friends and forget your cares for a while and we can’t wait to meet you! We believe that everyone has the ability to produce fabulous art if only they would let themselves.

So, let’s go arting!

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