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Spring is all about new beginning and fresh starts and we are bringing you this Arting Box in time for New Year 2024...


Our Arting Boxes are designed to provide you with all the materials and tasks to complete your own pieces of art planned and themed around a well-known painting.


The Spring Box will help you through those colder days with the promise of bright times ahead full of flowers and fragrances, with a selection of tasks and materials suitable for ages 8 upwards. We have planned and created this box to brighten dull days and bring some colour and Spring vibes to early 2024 ...

The Arting Boxes are great for learning and honing art skills whilst creating a mini-project too.


Everything you need to create four mini pieces of art is in the box plus tips and ideas to develop the theme further: all posted through your letterbox!

They make great gifts or treats for yourself: structured to help you focus, relax and have fun with art without leaving the house.

Price £23 plus postage [£1.65 large letter second class]

Arting Box -Spring

Price Options
One-time purchase
Arting Box
A box full of art every season!
£23.00every 3 months until canceled

    • A postcards of the season's painting
    • A bookmark with information about the painting and artist
    • A sticker of an original drawing of the artist
    • Two cards with images and instructions for the four tasks
    • A fortune teller with extra ideas to expand the project
    • Materials and paper for the four tasks
    • A treasure object linked to the theme 
    • All packaged with paint splashed tissue paper and white ribbon in a white box




    A postcard of a painting linked to the month’s theme for you to keep, collect and display

    R ange of materials and paper for you to create four small pieces of art

    T reasure to use as part of your work or to to cherish for it’s beauty

    I mages to inspire and inform your creative process

    N otes and instructions to help you achieve the best results

    G reat ideas to help you progress and expand on the theme


    B ookmark with information about the artist and their work

    O riginal drawing of the artist on a sticker to

    X with love from the Art Avengers x

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