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These personalized greeting cards help you send your warmest regards while allowing the sender's personality to shine through. Inspired by a pink primula pot plant, the watercolour painting by Jane is delicate and soft meaning they can be used for any occasion. Their semi-glossy finish adds a beautiful shine while the matching white envelopes create a complete package. Each order gets you a set of 5 gorgeous greetings cards.

Artist profile

Jane has always loved art but with her young family and busy job she looked to our art classes for some time out... she painted this pink primula in one of the first classes and we immediately loved her flowing and easy style. She was soon in the zone and now produces fantastic work in a range of media.

.: White envelopes included
.: Semi-glossy finish
.: 5 pieces per order
.: 300gsm paper

'Pink Primula' Greeting Cards by Jane

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