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Add a custom touch to any home thanks to the unique covers of these square pillows. This beautiful cushion is illustrated with a vibrant two-layer print of a seed head. The hot pink background gives a pop of colour to the sand and black design which is a print by Chris: ideal to give your soft furnishings a lift. Made with soft, cruelty-free faux suede that makes your comfort guilt-free, these pillows come with an oversized polyester cushion inner for that extra plump feeling of cosy support.

Artist profile

Chris had drawn this seed head at home and we suggested that she develop it further in our art class. She completed a set of prints in different colourways and had to be persuaded to work on the bright pink becuase it wasn't in her ususal, natural colour palette... she was pleasantly surprised with the result nevertheless!

.: Polypropylene (faux suede) cover and polyester filling
.: Concealed zipper
.: Soft to the touch

'Seed Head' Square Pillow by Chris

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